Bridge of Kastro-Megaro 

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Bridge of Kastro-Megaro 

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The bridge of Kastro-Megaro, also known as “Bridge of Pasha”, over Grevenitis, a tributary of the Aliakmon River, is located in the boundaries of Kastro and Megaro villages, on an old path that connected those two villages among them and them to Grevena till the middle of the 20th century. The bridge is single-arched measuring a length of 21m., a width of 2,90 m. and a height of 6,5m. Τhe semicircular arc with an aperture of 11,40 m. and a height of 5,70 m is of particular interest. The bridge is built out of hewed limestone based on an incomplete pseudo-isodomic system. The roadway is paved with gray stones and has a parapet of oblong stones, mounted upright and only six of them survive today. The exact date of construction remains unknown, but, based on its morphology, it can be traced back to the 19th century. The name “Bridge of Pasha” probably connects its construction with a senior Ottoman official from the Kastro, a location where the seat-fortress of a local Aga was and until 1924 the residence of Greek-speaking Muslims, known as Valaades.


Accessibility: Limited access, there’s no wheelchair ramp.