Bridge of Papatakis

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Bridge of Papatakis

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The bridge is located between the villages of Kyparissi and Agios Kosmas in Grevena. It crosses over a small stream that flows into the Pramoritsa River. Its name is probably related to the sponsor or the owner of a nearby field. The small single-arched Bridge of Papatakis has a length of 16m., a width of 3-5m., a height of 3,30 m. and an arch opening of 8m. It seems that the surviving bridge, made out of slightly-diligently carved stones (limestone) and a paved roadway, was the initial part of a larger one, while the rest of it was made out of wood. The bridge was probably built in the late 19th or in the early 20th century by the architect and sculptor Vraggas Kalfas (1867-1933), a native of Agios Kosmas, who is considered as the constructor of the bridge in Nidrouzi.


Accessibility: Limited access, there’s no wheelchair ramp.