Mushroom Museum

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Mushroom Museum

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The unique Mushroom Museum was founded in 2011 (November 6) by the Cultural Association of Lavdaniotes “LAVDA” in a traditional stone building,in Lavda, Grevena in the middle of a magnificent landscape and a distanceof 12 km from Vasilitsa and 15 km from the Valia Calda. In the wider geography of the village there is the Orliakas mountain, being characterized as an “area of special natural beauty” and of high aesthetic beauty, rich in flora and fauna, but mainly of mushrooms.

Inside the “Mushroom Museum”, a visitor can see a sample of the wild mushrooms of Grevena in dried form and miniatures – mushroom sculptures integrated in showcases that resemble their natural environment. In addition to the specialized information of the mushroom-related bibliography given by an appropriately shaped audiovisual material, it is also provided the microscopic examination. After all, the audiovisual room is used, by appointment, for seminars, workshops and educational presentations, offering the opportunity for schools and other groups to enrich their knowledge regarding the mushroom world and the natural environment. The collection is open to public for visit by scheduled appointment.

Accessibility: Limited access, the museum does not have a wheelchair ramp.