Development and promotion of
cultural touristic destinations
through multimedia tools

About The Project

The program “Development and promotion of cultural touristic destinations through multimedia tools” with the acronym “IT CULTURE” is based on a proposal of the Municipality of Grevena (LB), the Municipality of Pustec (PB2) and the NGO Anti Cracker Shield Albania (PB3). Its approved budget, € 484,404.60 is being founded at 85% by Community resources and 15% by national and is implemented within the framework of the European Cross-Border Cooperation Program Greece – Albania 2014 – 2020 (INTERREG IPA CBC).


The project idea is based on efforts made by the partners to promote and strengthen the cultural heritage of the intervention area, in order to establish the conditions for future tourism development. A key aspect of the design is the utilization of modern digital tools, a new trend in tourism services especially popular among users-tourists, with a view to better information and to the improvement of the tourist experience. The project is based in two important axes, the cultural and the tourist/economic, in an effort to develop them in a balanced way and with respect to the rich natural environment of Grevena and Pustec.


The two cross-border areas, the Municipality of Grevena (Greece) and the Municipality of Pustec (Albania) based on their common needs in both field, culture and tourist development, intend to develop good practices of support and complementarity in the future. Given the proximity, the project is considered also as a significant mean in establishing long-term relationships of trust and stability in the broader region.


  • creation of a website platform for the wider information of the public concerning the tourist and cultural attractions with the use of new technologies,
  • study on the current situation in the tourism industry,
  • digitization of primary sources of cultural interest,
  • creation of cultural touristic routes,
  • museological researches for the construction of museums,
  • improvement of the informative channels for the users (info-screens, QR codes, maps, info-signs),
  • organized and multifaceted marketing plan,
  • engagement of stakeholders on the touristic sector and expansion of the tools for further uses.

The Partnership


In a hospitable corner of Greece travelers can find Municipality of Grevena, a place that combines calmness and relaxation, mental renewal and all this mostly as consequence of its major advantage, it’s spectacular natural beauties. Grevena, already known for the rich folklore tradition and famous festivals, is an alternative destination even for the summer months. This is the period when expatriates return to their villages, reviving them for a while with the local oral tradition, the special sounds of the traditional songs and their customs. And all these unfolded in the present time, recalling the memories and experiences of people who tamed the mountain landscapes, used ancient trading routes and left behind solid witnesses of this activity.

In the aftermath of the old trade routes, scattered with stone bridges and post-Byzantine churches were organized the four cultural routes of the IT CULTURE program. A complete travel experience designed to offer access, by any modern technological means, to some of the well-kept cultural monuments of Western Macedonia.

Having as a basic principle the cultural diversity and inclusion, everyone will be able to retrace live or from a distance natural places, museums and various other points of interest. Through the cultural routes they will enjoy a panorama of the timeless history of Grevena (mastodonts at the Museum of Milia, prehistoric excavation of Samarina, Hellenistic citadel in Kastri, Post-Byzantine churches, World War II monument) with frequent references to personalities who excelled in the field (Manakia brothers, Bousiou family, chief Verros, Samarina’s painters – hagiographers). Their scientific documentation by the Ephorate of Antiquities of Grevena and their digital recording makes IT CULTURE an important project of disseminating their value, attracting the attention of the public and experts for their rescue.

Above all, however, IT CULTURE reflects Municipality’s intention to turn to mild forms of tourism based on a) the respect for the natural and man-made environment, b) the promotion of local character (folklore, tradition, architecture), c) their connection with the enjoyment of high quality local products of gastronomy and d) the extroversion as an occasion for communication, cooperation and harmonious development.


Pustec is a municipality with ample touristic, cultural and traditional potential in Albania. It is one of the most renowned natural beauties in the country, vastly appreciated by foreign and localtourists with kind and amiable inhabitants.

The center of the municipality is the village of Pustec.

Pustec is a favorable area for the development of summer tourism. Prespa Lake, the unspoiled nature, the traditional cuisine, the ancient buildings by the lake shore of Prespa, the churches and the island of Maligrad are the main attractions in this location. Prespa Lake, despite its natural beauty, is also prominent for its rich flora and fauna, the multitude of birds,the pelican being among them.

The residents of Pustec are primarily focused on agriculture and fishing.

Zaroshka is a village where one can find various restaurants and the most popular dish is the carp casserole with white sauce.

In addition to the natural surroundings, the water lakes and the cuisine, the visitors and tourists in Pustec can also become more acquainted with the folkloric values, the songs and dances of the area.

Anti-Cracker Shield Albania

ACSHA is a non-governmental organization based in Albania.

It was created on April 2014 from specialized informatics programmers and IT specialists.

Its main objectives are:

  • Continuing education against online risks
  • Copyright protection
  • Online music and artistic privacy
  • Against Online frauds

and many others within Informatics and Cyber security fields.

These objectives are clear and cover social, economic, legal, criminal, civil aspects that are of assistance to society and the community. The Activity Fields are very large and encompasses the most diverse sectors such as in Education, including all levels of educational Institutions, the fields of Art, Culture, Innovation and European Integration programs, assistance, advice and draft legislation on the improvement of current legal articles, proposals for the opening and development of special bodies in the Organs of Law and Justice. Also in daily interest groups that are internet and computer users in the workplace or more narrow family groups such as family members.

Some of the project and programs that ACSHA had run in the past are:

“Buy Online and had sweet dreams” with the clients of a second level Bank. The specialists of the ACSHA trained this client how to buy online with their credit and debit cards without had risk for fraud.

“Continuing education against online pedo-pornography and porno-pedophile” with student target groups in many educational levels of Korca. It was a nice cooperation between ACSHA, the Ministry of Education, Culture and Sports and the Regional Directorate of Education.