Bridge of Pramoritsa (Klimataki)

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Bridge of Pramoritsa (Klimataki)

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The bridge of Pramoritsa over the homonymous river, a tributary of Aliakmon River, is located between the villages of Klimataki (Grevena district) and Anthochori (Kozani district). The bridge is built on a major arterial road in Western Macedonia, which used to direct from Kastoria to Tsotili (a high-importance commercial center) and from that point via Grevena to Trikala. That arterial road also empowered the local craftsmen’s (koudaraioi) transportation from the local area to the south, as well as the seasonal transportation of the shepherds of Pindus to Thessaly and in reverse. This four-arched bridge, with a length of 49m, a height of 9m and an opening of the northern arch of 15m, is the largest in the Voio district. The northern abutment directly leans on the natural rock. On the following pier on its both sides there are triangular cutwaters. The fourth and smallest (southern) arch is framed by protective windows/openings (to reduce the pressure from the flow of water) with an arched lintel. Its paved roadway is relatively narrow, 2,7m in width and has a low parapet. The exact construction date of the bridge remains unknown, nevertheless it can be placed before 1770-1780, since the bridge must have pre-existed before the first inhabitants’ settlement in Klimataki next to Orlofika. According to a local folk legend, the bridge construction is related to a shepherd of Pindus, whose only daughter drowned while crossing the river.


Accessibility: Limited access, there’s no wheelchair ramp.