Bridge of Dotsiko

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Bridge of Dotsiko

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The single-arched Bridge of Dotsiko is the only surviving bridge inside a village in Grevena. Built at 1060 meters above sea level, which is the highest altitude of all the bridges in Macedonia, it crosses over Dotsikiotis, a tributary of Venetian River, that enables the communication between the two districts of the village. The bridge measuring 24m in length, 2,40m in width and 4m in height, is covered by hewed, uneven slate stones. A rare characteristic for the regional bridgework is the large arch opening (13m approx.) of this bridge, which is lowered. On the keystone of the arch, on the south facet, there is a stone-carved face of the master builder. The arch is surrounded by a cornice band, an element often found in bridges of the area. The roadway is paved, the parapet consists of rectangular uneven stones (arkades) upright and symmetrically placed. The bridge was built in the 19th century sponsored by the villagers, probably by the master builder George or Mastrogoulas Mitakos and craftsmen from Lioundzi Village (Kalloni).

The bridge appears in scenes of the “Alexander the Great” movie directed by Theodoros Angelopoulos.


Accessibility: The bridge is in the center of the settlement, easy access.