Bridge of Kagelia (Trikomo)

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Bridge of Kagelia (Trikomo)

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The bridge is over a ravine, south of Trikomo village, in the Kagelia district over Veneticos River, a tributary of Aliakmon River. The connection of the river at this inaccessible point was made to enable the communication between villages Trikomo and Monachiti and the access through the road network to Grevena. The name “Kagelia” is due to the serpentine form of the path after the bridge, in the direction to Monachiti. The two-arched bridge has a length of 42m, a width of 2,80m, a height of 10,30m and an opening of the large arch of 18m. It is built with coarsely carved limestones, apart from the fine carved stones of the arches. The pier has triangular cutwaters on both sides, the roadway is paved and the original parapet is now lost. The construction of the bridge dates back to the 19th century and according to tradition, the master builder of the bridge was Stergios Lazos from the Agios Kosmas village. The reconstruction of the small arch, the parapet of reinforced concrete and the metal rails are the latest interventions in the monument.


Accessibility: Access only on foot or by 4X4.