Bridge of Nidrouzi

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Bridge of Nidrouzi

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The bridge in Nidrouzi over Dotsikiotikos, a tributary of the Veneticos River, is located between the villages Prosvoro and Alatopetra. It is also known as Gavou or Paliomylos Bridge. That bridge used to connect these two villages to those ones of Kalirachi and Anavryta and from that point straight to Grevena. The bridge is single-arched measuring a length of 20 m, a width of 3,50 m, a height of 7,50 m. and an arch opening of 11,50m. The volume of its stones and the carving perfection, the isodomic masonry system, the lowered arch, the flat (and not the usual sloping) roadway are the main characteristics that make it unique compared to other bridges in the Grevena area. The bridge’s roadway is made out of limestone. Its edges are bounded by slab stones that attached to a small parapet of upright slates (arkades) -now destroyed. The rectangular sandstone boulders of a contiguous Hellenistic acropolis in Kastri are considered as the main construction material. The construction of the bridge dates back to the end of the 19th or the beginning of the 20th century made by the master builder Vraggas Kalfas or Gregory Siomos from the craftsmen villages of Grevena.


Accessibility: No access for disabled people.