Church of St. Kyriaki (Mavronoros)

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Church of St. Kyriaki (Mavronoros)

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It is a small, one-room church at the western border of the settlement. The church was built on an older cemetery church as it turns out by a coin of the Comnenian period (1081-1185 AD), which was found in the foundations during the restoration work, in a box-shaped tomb. The church had a gable roof with a slate cover and a masonry made of stone with a reinforcement of woodwork. The semi-cylindrical niche of the sanctuary is decorated on the outside with a zone of herring bones while its low entrance is located on west. Shallow apses are formed on the three outer facets. Above the entrance, the figure of St. Kyriaki is depicted and on the west wall the presentation of Second Coming. Internally, the floor is paved. The church is entirely painted with frescoes in two phases: the oldest phase is preserved in the frescoes of the east wall where the Virgin Blachernitissa, the Melismos and the Collaborating Hierarchs are depicted. Of particular interest is the niche of the Prothesis where the Saint Stephen is depicted holding a Glass of Communion instead of incense. The frescoes of the first phase, an artwork of a local hagiographer, trace to the second half of the 15th century, while the ones of the second phase to the 16th to 17th c.


Accessibility: Due to some stairs and the narrow entrance the church is not accessible for those in a wheelchair.