House of Chieftain Verro (Grevena)

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House of Chieftain Verro (Grevena)

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House of Chieftain Vero
The house of the Macedonian warrior Zisis Verrou was built in 1880 and it still belongs to the living members of the Verrou family. Its architecture copies the traditional architecture of the city of Grevena and it is the only surviving such type of building. It is a two-storey building, built with solid handmade bricks, stone and wood including an internal wooden staircase, a high courtyard and small windows secured with iron railings. Inside the house there are six rooms, stone fireplaces and a great number of family heirlooms along with photos and awards of the Macedonian warrior Verros. The house is not visitable, but it has been considered as a listed monument.
Zisis Verros was born in Avdella where he finished school. He was involved in various guerrilla groups of Macedonian fighters, at first operating mainly as an agent, an informant and an outrider, as well as he collaborated with the Pavlos Melas’ team. His official armed action began in 1905 against the Ottomans and later primarily against the Bulgarian comitadjis. He himself and members of his family played an important role in the National Resistance. He was honored for his activities by the Ελληνική state with the Metal Emblem of the Macedonian Struggle and by the Panhellenic Confederation of Chiefs, with an honorary Diploma.


Accessibility: Limited access, the monument is a private home.