Folklore Collections (Grevena)

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Folklore Collections (Grevena)

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The famous collection of wood-carved compositions of Dimitrios Agorastis dominates including twelve artworks in the homonymous room, all being exceptional samples of the sculptor’s painstaking effort to shape a material offered by the abundant nature of Grevena.The same place also hosts the folklore collection of the Municipality of Grevena. Exhibits of more than two centuries reveal a way of life lost in the past that was reconstructed thanks to the kind offer of the people of Grevena. A large part of them are everyday objects (knives, glass, bronze, clay and bronze utensils), costumes and hand-woven textiles, representative tools of the agricultural professions of the area including some of them that are now disappeared. In elegant showcases they are presented fine porcelain, documents and rare objects of the historical Bousiou family, while in the outer hall is set up the Grevenian urban room. The weaving art occupies a special place in the collection starting with theloom, where the sheep’s wool is transformed into impressive woven fabrics with integrated ancient Greek elements but, also, newer Rococo designs, as a result of the influence that the local kiradjiis received from their travels to European cities. Anyone following the textile motifs (acroceramas, spirals, helical and linear varieties), copies of which can be already seen in the ancient Greek vessels, they travel mentally to what the folklorist Angeliki Hatzimichali calls “national heritage”.

Writer: Κωνσταντινιά Αντωνίου

Accessibility: Accessible, communication with the Municipal is required.