Bridge of Aziz Aga (Trikomo)

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Bridge of Aziz Aga (Trikomo)

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The imposing bridge of Aziz Aga over the Venetian river, a tributary of Aliakmon is located on the commercial axis of the caravans heading to Epirus and Central-Eastern Europe. The bridge connected the settlements of Trikomo, Kosmati, Kipourio and led to Mavronoros, a center of importance of the Byzantine and post-Byzantine years. According to testimonies and to a non-existent ownership inscription, it was built in 1727 with the sponsorship of the Ottoman official Aziz Aga, as well as it is also mentioned by Ioannis Lampridis, a Greek scholar of the 19th century. The bridge, built with rectangular limestones, is 75m long, 3m wide and has a maximum height of 15m with a solid stone parapet and cobbled deck that rises above the large arch, so that sloping levels are formed on both sides. Its arches are topped with a protruding narrow strip of carved stones, while overflows are formed over the cantilevers with an arched lintel. Special features of the bridge are the middle arch, with an opening of 28m., – the largest arch in Macedonia and one of the largest ones in Greece and the surviving bell in the interior of the large arch that used to warn for the curfew in case of strong winds. The fact that also other arched bridges faced construction difficulties, especially during the foundations process, is accompanied by a legend. The legend says that the big arch of the bridge collapsed twice and Aziz Aga threatened the master builder with beheading. Finally, the third time, the arch settled and the anonymous master builder, who was in charge of the whole process by distance, receives a huge reward from Aga.


Accessibility: Limited access, there’s no wheelchair ramp.