Church of St. George (Kyparissi)

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Church of St. George (Kyparissi)

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It is a three-aisled basilica dating back to 1867. The church includes an elevated narthex, a nave on the floor and a portico on the south side. The arch is multifaceted on the outside with blind arches ending in Islamizing arches of double curvature.

On the outside of the building, the stone-carved apotropaic masks on the arch, the wood-carved door with animal and plant decorations, on the south entrance of the church are remarkable. On the inside, in the central aisle, there is a samarotti, a gable roof, a wood-carved iconostasis with despotic icons of 1868, created by the Samaritan hagiographer Adam Christos Kraias, a pulpit with a floral decoration and the figures of the Apostles. It has a mural decoration in the niche of the Sanctuary with Platytera, the Eucharist, the Hierarchs and the Prothesis (Liturgy of Preparation) with the Epitaph. On the southwest side of the portico stands a two-storey bell tower of the early 20th century, made by the carpenter Georgios Lazos or Vraga, while at the entrance there is a stone iconostasis with full body lions at the base.


Accessibility: Due to continuous staircases the church is not accessible for those in a wheelchair or with mobility difficulties.