Church of the Archangels (Lochmi)

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Church of the Archangels (Lochmi)

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It is a three-aisled basilica with a narthex on the west and a closed portico on the north side, where is the entrance. According to an ownership inscription, the church was built in 1848 during the reign of the Metropolitan of Grevena, Ioannikios, and was hagiographed by painters from Pogoni, Epirus. The masonry consists of coarsely carved structures, while the apse is built with special care with blind arches ending in arches of double curvature. Inside the church they are preserved frescoes on the north side and in the sanctuary, artworks of different painters. The painted floral decoration on the shields of the wooden iconostasis is of great interest. Two stone manuals with simple relief decoration are placed on either side of the entrance to the Sanctuary. On the outer west side of the temple there is a walled, inscribed stone carving of apotropaic type with a cross decoration framed by two crescents, while at the bottom there is the star of David.


Accessibility: The monument is fully accessible, there is no wheelchair ramp.